This Storage agreement is made and entered into by and between hereinafter referred to as “Tenant” and Hanover True Value hereinafter referred to as “Landlord”. Tenant hereby rents from Landlord space to store personal items for a set period of time, paying the landlord in advance for said space.

ALL PROPERTY STORED WITHIN SAID SPACE SHALL BE AT THE TENANT’S SOLE RISK. Any insurance which may be carried by Landlord or Tenant against any loss or damage to the building or its contents and other improvements situated on the premises shall be for the sole benefit of the party carrying such insurance and under its control. Each party hereby waives its right and the right of its insurer of subordination against the other party.

Tenant hereby agrees to indemnify Landlord and hold it harmless from any loss, damage, expense, or claim arising out of acts or omissions to act; And Landlord will not be liable to tenant for any loss /damage that may occur, including but not limited to acts of God, fire, water damage etc.

A pick up/drop off fee of $6 per item each way will be charged at the time of pickup. All items with the exception of certain furniture MUST BE BOXED. All items not boxed may be assessed a handling charge over and above the pick up fee. Our pallet is 48”x 40” and can hold 10-12 of our largest boxes which are 24x18x16. If your boxes are larger than this and you have more items than can fit on a pallet items may require a second pallet. Boxes or totes that are larger than our 24x18x16 box may be assessed a larger handling fee. Hanover True Value will not be held responsible for damage to items that are not boxed. Hanover True Value will not be held responsible for items that are not marked. Mirrors not protected in solid cardboard are not replaceable by Hanover True Value. We do not pro-rate billing; it is done on the calendar month. No food should be stored landlord may hold tenant responsible for consequential damage.

This agreement shall remain valid and in full force until 10 days after the date out as listed by the tenant on this contract. If the tenant fails to claim items within 10 days, this agreement shall terminate and the Landlord shall have the right to dispose of contents as they see fit.

All items will be picked up in designated place and returned as close to the building as possible. Items will be set outside unless it is foul weather where they will be put inside of the door of the building. This is true for dorms as well as off campus housing or apartments. All deliveries must have tenant present for drop off or additional fees for return trips may apply. STUDENTS SHOULD CALL 1 WEEK AHEAD TO SCHEDULE FOR DELIVERY. Failure to do so may result in customer not getting the delivery day or time of their choice. RTA furniture will not be covered for damage. Plastic totes and drawers not boxed may not be covered for damage.

Any credit card charges that are declined or disputed will result in a $5 per item per day charge over and above the initial charge until payment has been made. If payment cannot be made legal action by Hanover True Value may result. Tenant shall pay for all legal fees for the Landlord as necessary.

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